Five Left 4 Dead 2 Related Questions

My questions have gona un-answered in the megathread, and these simple things have really started to annoy me. These are the problems I could not possibly find any tutorials, or answers for. And yes I did use Google.

  1. In every single custom campaign, the skyboxes are missing. Even when I try to make my own using the pre-existing L4D2 skyboxes the same thing happens.

  2. Okay, this one is seriously pissing me off. How do I spawn Cola bottles in Hammer ? It’s not a prop_physics like a propane tank, I’ve looked all over entity lists and can’t find anything. This one bugs me the most since I’ve already worked out an intricate Cola based upgrade system I’d like to share.

  3. How do I parent physics objects ? I have two physic_multiplayer objects, a car, and car glass. I wanted the glass to move with the car. I thought I’d just parent the glass to the car, but I couldn’t find the “Parent” value in the entity. Any help ?

  4. What are the names for the intro sequences in the survivor entity ? Ie: How nick bursts through the door in Dead Center ? etc. I’m guessing that’s what the value is for.

  5. So no way to put in Passing realated stuff in as of yet ? M60, Golf club, Fall Survivor, etc. This relates to my Cola based upgrade system and I was curious.

All help tremendously appreciated.

Does anybody have any insight on this ? All of these are the seperate reasons that are kinda preventing me from mapping. This is just something I really want to do and I feel like the solution to it is very, very simple but I can’t find it. This Cola problem has literally, been bugging me for months.

The cola is an actual entity IIRC

Not MUCH passing stuff yet.

The sykboxes was apparently a large bug for many people.

I can’t be certain, but IIRC the cola is an option under weapon_item_spawn.

If you want to parent glass to a phys car, make the glass into a prop_dynamic_override, and the parent function will appear.

  1. Install addon support.
  2. prop_physics and select the cola model.
  3. Name the two prop_physics, in the parent box of either of them, enter one of the physic props’ name.
  4. You would have to check the decompiled macs.
  5. Edit the left4dead2.fgd and add

@PointClass base(WeaponSpawn) studioprop(“models/w_models/weapons/w_m60.mdl”) = weapon_rifle_m60_spawn : “M60” , It will behave like the CS:S weapons sadly.

And for the golf club, add

"meleeweapons"	"fireaxe;crowbar;**golfclub**;katana;baseball_bat;knife" 

to the missions.txt

I cannot tell you how much I am relived that I can actually continue what I wanted to do for the last month. Thanks.

Everything is working now except those skyboxes. I do have addon support installed but when I try to connect to a custom campaign it says “Installing Addon Support. Check Tools Tab for progress.”
Even restarting Steam too.