Five Nights at Freddy's Models

I’m actually hoping to obtain the models myself. I’m hoping to create my first ragdolls/playermodels/NPCs from them, so I hope to go the whole nine yards. I need some software recommendations for Ripping and opening in 3DS Max.

If nothing else someone could get the models for me, but I’m hoping to do this myself.

What you see in-game is not a 3D model, but a pre-rendered 2D sprite. It’s the same method Scott used with his other game, The Desolate Hope.

But on the plus side, he seems like a decent guy, maybe he will release the models if people ask him nicely.

Is the wolf a 2D sprite when it crashes through the door?

I think so, from what I’ve seen.

If I understand what Sergerant Joe is saying, nothing in the game is a 3d model, it is all 2D

-nvm, see below-

Shotgunguy49 is in the process of recreating Freddy’s gang (endoskeleton and all), somebody else is working on Freddy, and an unreleased Foxy model is already in existence.

Actually the game was taken apart. There is no sprites. No layers. No models. It is all just pictures that are animated in a set order. They’re not videos, or gifs, just still images.

Well yeah, that’s what I meant. Like I said I got the same impression from playing The Desolate Hope and had a hunch that it’s simply the creator’s style.

Looks like you’ll just have to wait for those fan-made models.

Can’t wait to see some progress gonna make some spooky poses

Not mine, but someone is doing them.

Would still love those software recommendations in the meantime until those models come along.

You can’t rip anything, there’s no actual models here. We just went over this.

I meant for future reference. I still intend to learn how to rip models. I’ll just have to do something different.

Oh, well the go-to tool for ripping models when file extraction is impossible is like I said, NinjaRipper. It comes with a Maxscript included.

Am I the only one who’s going to have nightmares related to Chuck E. Cheese from childhood memories thanks to this game? I wonder if they still have and use those animatronics.

The one near me does. Creepy as hell.

I’ve never even been in the Chuck E Cheese’s in my town since the day I moved here, so I have no clue if they ever had (or still have) animatronics in there. Can’t say I’ll have any nightmares as a result of this game. :V

I’d be disappointed if you did, but if you went to Chuck E Cheese as a child then the childhood memories fit this oddly well. I also remember those little tubes you could crawl in that were mounted on the ceiling usually smelled like feces.

I did get the models somehow, but they ended up UNTEXTURED. These I got from a Dropbox link, but I then forgot to ask the user for the textures too. So I feel stupid. But heres one of the images!

EDIT 1: These aren’t my models by the way, these are from the Slender Fortress 2 server. Needed to mention it myself.