Fix Darkrp on mac

DarkRp on mac is just so fucked up.

Mac user can only join really small DarkRp server with a little amount of addons which is really rare in DarkRp servers. And even, it’ll crash like 30 minutes after

When you are trying to join a server with a lot of addons. During the loading of addons and stuff, the game will close and it’ll say : hl2_osx quit unexpectedly. Sometime its doing this during sending client info, sometime its during sound downloading, sometime its during addons downloading, but it won’t let you join the game.

I’m able to join other game mode with a lot of addons like murder, porp hunt, … But DarkRp seem to be the only one that doesn’t work.

Some people say that its memory error but I have 16GO Ram and 1To disk space. And its not memory problems cause I downloaded a virtual desktop machine and putted Windows 7 on it and I’m able to join all server I want. Yes I can play but with a virtual desktop is more laggy.

I’ve done a lot of researches about this subject and all mac user seem to have the same exact problems.

That’s all info I have right now. If you need more info i’ll try my best to get them.

Thanks for the extensive list of issues with DarkRp on mac! Using this knowledge surely Falco will be able to fix it without a problem! /s

You need to realize thats a god-awful bug report which helps nobody in fixing any issues.

maybe post in
Official DarkRP forums
DarkRP github
this forum isn’t DarkRP dedicated