fix "Explosives" drop

im not going to trump this up into some bs rant , but i wouldnt be mad at all if you just made explosives a little bit easier to find . you can even double the amount of explosives it takes to make charges . making gun powder an even more valuable currency …

Nope , it’s fine as it is. Explosives only drops in supply crates from airdrops.

And C4 should only be made by people who are competent enough to get airdrops.

I agree. Like seriously, it’s not hard to get to an airdrop… I did it on a fresh spawn in a full server, took the explosives and brought them to my home. Then all you need to do it research them, and you can now build them…

“Research” is being re-engineered as we speak.

It’s still alpha for chrissakes… Lets not double down the gunpowder costs on ANYTHING, alright?