Fix fallen looted bodies.

I just died on a server with a bunch of things on me, I died and my body dropped through the dome and now I’m not able to loot. Its super frustrating and it happens with animals too.

They should fix this bug asap… Can’t beleave this is not an priority, same goes for animals running up and through cliffs.

everything is a priority

get off your high horse this is a fucking alpha

I know this is a “Fucking Alpha” but even though its a “Fucking Alpha” that doesnt mean that they shouldn’t prioritize bugs like this? I mean they can implement a flippin helicopter with an AI and all of that shit but they can’t fix a bug like above which exists for about 6 months already!! I think you should send me a postcard when you reached Garry’s mouth because you are way too far in his ass…

fucking alpha… is not going to transition in to fucking beta i hope.

and Screaming to all that ““this is Alpha”” in every thread is stupid and add nothing to the conversation.

note: cant get on the horse yet… this is a priority so he can get off it…

hahaha you owned the fan boi! nice one.

i don’t think you guys understand how a dev team works, they know of this problem, if they have not fixed it yet, it’s because they are still working on it.

it took a multi billion dollar company called valve to update hit boxes on csgo after years, and you’re fucking complaining about an early access game? fucking really? are you that fucking dense? We got a dev that shits out new content every other week so people don’t get bored. I want this to get fixed too, just yesterday i lost 23 c4 in the dome and my mates couldn’t loot me, so i know this is a problem.

jesus fucking christ what a load of pretentious self righteous cunts the rust community is


You are right, I don’t know how a dev team works. Maybe that is because I am not a developer? And before you start with all your insults I do appreciate all the hard work off the dev’s to make this a better game. This topic is created because somebody wants to point out a problem which is really disturbing. He or me have never mentioned anywhere that the devs are doing a bad job. I think this topic I created to communicate a problem/bug is that a bad thing? Maybe if the devs of Rust are aware of this problem then they can communicate this to us?

How long CSGO took to update their hit boxes is irrelevent

not really; it’s giving you an idea of how long something as simple as hitboxes being fixed took a much larger company in a completed game. rust is heavily in development, and they can’t focus on everything at once; they are also many times smaller than valve.

besides which, they have already said a few times that they do this because they enjoy it; working purely on bugs is boring as fuck, and i’d rather they implement some broken helicopters than get so burnt out and bored with rust that they go “fuck it, i’m out”. give it time. like everything else, it will be fixed eventually, just enjoy the alpha ride until then, or go play something else for a while.

It was mentioned in one of the devblogs that a fix pertaining to ragdolls and their positions was busy being implemented, solving body looting issues as well as animal - harvesting issues.

Because CSGO is hat simulator, and when they see that they start to lose players they either dump more hats or release a meaningful update…

…usually hats though.

To all the haters out there, get a job, I mean seriously is this the most important thing you got to do today.

An informative and constructive first post, you will surely become an asset to the rust forum.