Fix Flashlight bug without sv_cheats?

I’m hosting a server for me and friends using a really dark map, next to zero light. It’s great for zombies and stuff. (And we all LOVE zombies) Well the thing is, their is the known bug of a black box around you when using the flashlight, heavily impairing sight. This can be fixed using the command “r_flashlightfar 3000”, but to use it sv_cheats has to be 1. :frowning: Is their someway to increase the far length without having to turn on cheats? (Turning them on, changing width and then turning off doesn’t work either)

P.S. If I’m already opening a thread: Is their someway to remove NPC corpses?

may i ask what your servers ip is?

May i ask why?

it sounds good

Haha, perfect anwser XD
Problem is it’s not a commercial one (The one’s that are on 99% of time) it’s only on when me and friends play!

But back to the topic: doesn’t anyone have an anwser???

You could try adding the command to your server config file. I dont think you’ll need sv_cheats to do it that way.

It says “uknown command” but maybe i have the wrong syntax. How would you wright it?

If it’s only on when you and your friends are playing, can’t you trust them to not cheat?
Turn cheats on, change the flashlight distance, and turn cheats off. Won’t that work?

the problem is that if you turn cheats back off, the light resets back too. :frowning:
Well, i guess i can trust them enough, but if one of them mingebags and detroys all are nice zombies? :’(