[FIX] For being stuck anywhere in Rust

Hey guys incase your character ever can’t move, is stuck somehwere in the world, fell off the side or otherwise permanantly screwed you can type :

/do unstick

In the chat window, and it will reset your position to a spawn point.

Thanks, this’ll be useful.

Do you keep your stuff in your inventory when you do this?

I guess it spawns you at the nearest spawnpoint, with your gear.

Am I the only one who noticed that It says Helk’s post was on the 9th of January 2013?

Wonder if this means you can do the command while in combat and just get away with all your stuff.

Just like good 'ol !ztele in the CS:S days. Good thing to know, thanks Helk.

This is a megabump, but it’s good so new players get to know.


Holy fucking shit you’re right…

That was my birthday!! :smiley: