Fix for host_error overflow error writing string table baseline lua string table

I have been to space-build servers that do not crash when I join them. But any time somebody joins my server I get the all so fun “host_error overflow error writing string table baseline lua string table” error. Is there some sort of fix out there that I just don’t know about? Other than taking addons out. I Do not really have anything other than the required space-build stuff as well as wire and wire addons. Which I guess is a lot. But there are servers with all of these so it must be possible somehow.

are you paying for the server or hosting it yourself?

Either way delete all your default lua which came from the server. and then run the update tool. it should be fixed

Running it myself, I’ll give that a try. Thank you for the amazingly fast response.

no problem

Didn’t work :frowning:

You have way too much addons installed. Delete some

Like nubcakez said: Too much addons. To be more precise: Too much lua.

Here is the official bugreport:

Thank you for the help but I’ve already been there. All I have is the basic Spacebuild stuff and wire. I took out Stargate and it helped a bit, but Stargate is far to awesome to keep out so that is not a solution. I’ll look through to see if I have some stuff where it is not supposed to be or something though. I’m starting to think wire and Spacebuild really do not mix… but they are both so AWESOME!

Here’s my addons folder

oh one thing. this might actually fix it. since you have SVN for all to majority of your folders. right click each one and go to the “tortis svn” and click “export” SVN creates a ghosted file system in all of them. this might fix your problem and will cut your addon folder size in half.

Great advice, I’ll do that right away!


Still no good :frowning:

I’m using ULX instead of ASS now and it seems to be ok. It has yet to crash, hopefully that fixed it!

Hmm, alright sounds good :slight_smile:

I use ASSmod myself and I find it more stable then ULX but to each is own I guess eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad the problem is fixed.

Well crap, it is still doing it. However it is far less frequent. With an auto map reload (ulib) every 2 hours or so it should be fine. Albeit still very annoying…

No guys, i have this same error. Its DEFINETELY FROM WIREMOD. No doubt about it. People have deleted everything off their server except wiremod, and it surely causes the problem(even the wiremodelpack1 and adv dupe, its something in the wire folder). THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED BECAUSE ITS HAPPENING GLOBALLY. I have the latest SVN and updated server.

It’s from too much lua in general.

Wiremod has about 20 times more code in general than almost any other addon.

If you where to create just as many variables, functions and just lua files in a different addon it would cause the same problems.

It’s up to the WireDevs to remove various dumb things like wire_keyboard_press (WHICH RUNS CONSTANTLY) and do a general recode of some of the stuff in wiremod to make it more optimized.

I know there would be a better way than some of the stuff in Wiremod has been done.

If you really want this error fixed your best bet would be to get garry to fix it but most of us already know he’s not going to.