This is bullshit. They are all over the place. I went to 5 servers and still die randomly. This game is completely unplayable.

Almost a million sales on steam and they haven’t even released a statement? Come on!

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there is a EASY fix for it, its just the server admins need to be the ones to patch it, i play on a server that fixed it, go to to find the ip

I’ve heard turning off falling damage will stop it from happening.

Adress: net.connect
Name : Headshot Gaming: Gameserver

here is a good server also , that doesnt have that problem

Yeah it’s pretty annoying. I can’t help but laugh when it happens… “you silly sod!”

The server i play on has fall damage disabled, which is the cause for the suicide hack. It’s Australia #1 (It’s the one with max slots of 150 and it’s nearly full for the majority of the day). Hackers are rarely seen, and if they are they’re banned within a matter of minutes.