Fix freeze , hard lag etc ..

Good evening all, I open this topic to ask you several questions hoping that you are going to answer:

  • Why do not you go on Rust launcher? (Maybe that ca help the game less lager or freeze)

    • $ 100 000 , 0 update , problem ?

Thank you (do not take the meanly it’s just a questions).

( google trad :frowning: )

Having a launcher (.exe) and using a web client has no effect on the performance of the game.

would you REALLY want an alpha game installed on your computer, it could give you viruses and shit.

Myself and a few others I game with found Rust to be running at alot higher FPS on all our systems. It made the gameplay so much more. It was about 48 hours ago (From when I posted this post) when we had really smooth gameplay. Not sure if there are invisible updates / patches but it has reverted back to normal on all our systems with lower running FPS. Thought I would mention something here.