FIX,ISSUES for Garry's Mod !

Hi everyone ! I’ve some fix for you ! This worked for me and my friends !

-FOR the hl2.exe crash when joining server -> just delete every .dll in garrysmod/lua/includes/modules (I think it’s because they don’t work with the newest update)

-FOR the settings reset when you quit Garry’s Mod : It’s worked for my ATI 4870 HD… Just update with the newest version of your graphics drivers !

If you have “Invalid Steam Key Size” it’s because the server is not up to date !

*Sorry for my poor English, I’m a french dude who want to help.

Post any others FIX here !

Bye ! Hope this helped you !

               DylanLeFourbe. :p

ty bro, it worked

my problems arent up there.

problem 1. my resolution is now huge and terrible and after the loading bar gets to initializing serverside, my screen goes black and nothing happens until i end hl2.exe

problem 2. (had this one ever since i have had Gmod) when Gmod is minimized, it cant be maximized again. happens when my computer goes into sleep mode and when it goes into a screen saver. very inconvenient.

help me please?

and if you do try to dumb it down as much as possible because i am not very computer literate.


could someone please help me, i just want to play some Gmod.

Forerunner sorry but i don’t know how to fix this :frowning: Good Luck…

-Use the manual resolution console override commands
-Not an issue. Why would you leave your GMOD running for that long anyways?

how do i use the manual resolution console to override commands?

and the second one most certainly is an issue, i cant minimize Gmod to do anything else like look up a tutorial (shift overlay is way to laggy) and maybe i am in the middle of an RP and i have to eat or take a massive crap? WHAT THEN?! also i have to do chores all the time so i would just like to be able to resume my game.

  1. -h [number] -w [number]
  2. Disable screensaver/autosleep and just leave the game running in the foreground? It’s not hard

like i said i am computer illiterate. where do the -h and -w go and what number do i type in?

Right click GMOD in steam, properties, Set Launch Options.

-h is the height of the resolution, and -w is the width.

For instance, if you want your resolution to be 1024x768, you would add “-h 1024 -w 768”

that did not work at all, didnt fix the resolution and it didnt fix the blacking out problem

Hey, could you guys possibly help me with my server? I dont really know if anything is wrong. But I got an error in the console which never shows. If any of you know how to fix it, please share.

Failed to load Steam ServiceServiceStart: started as Windows service

Deaded38 have you update your dedicated server with the newest revision 86 ? If yes and still not works ! Delete the steam.inf in orangebox/garrysmod then update garrysmod again !

Tried that but I get same error. Also tried updating all of Orange Box and still get same error.