Fix Jam Feature

I was thinking, I always wanted to see in a realistic shooter the possibility of a weapon that can stop shooting for a random issue, like jamming (or breaking in general).
So, as this game has actually self-made weapons, why no put this feature and a Fix Jam with a bind key (like “J” or whatever).

YES, I already know this is not a “shooter game”, and I’m very grateful of that, but would be very awesome to have this thing in the final game, it’ll make all in general more easy to feel the pressure of the atmosphere in a moment of fear, like random shooting at some bandit trying to kill you and got that, for example, 1% of case that your weapon get stack.
Very unlucky, but also very immersive in my opinion.

Also I don’t really think that my suggest will be taken in consideration, probably not a chance, but I wanna try anyhow to help the developing with my thoughts too.
Sorry for my english

I think that it’s an interesting idea. Thumb up!

It will make more authenticity to the game, imho.
Plus the new 9mm and the future other weapons models…

Does seem cool but will get very annoying very quickly to those who want to just pure pvp with no boundaries but if you are rushing up on someone and your weapon jams then you lose your stuff and that will be the cause of a lot of Rage quitting i think

Yes, but this can make covers more importants than actually how they are right now.
Hiding in a base will become strongly reccomended, and raiding someone will need more strategy, even if the case of jamming is very very rare.

For what I think, the “luck” status wants his part in a post-apocalyptic survival game.

There are multiple factors that cause a weapon to jam.

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Lubrication
  3. Magazine issues
  4. Quality of munitions

Maybe incorporate a repair function.

  1. You could have to use cloth and a low-grade oil for cleanliness and lubrication to reduce jams
    and prolong the life of the weapon.
  2. the rounds you craft can be a lower quality than the rounds you find. The one crafted could be
    more inaccurate and reduced range.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Rounds aren’t hard to craft even with a shit mold and sense we can smelt ore it doesn’t make sense to have the rounds be a lower quality.

For the record, weapon degradation is a feature in a select few games, Far Cry 2 did a great job of it, I should mention.

Weapons start out perfect condition (or in bad condition if recovered from enemies, mostly,) and after a while start to degrade and jam, before eventual critical failure. I think rust should emulate something like the video I posted above.

Or they could take the System Shock 2 route, where weapons degrade, and need to be repaired if jammed, which if done wrong can completely break the weapon entirely.

It would be very awesome if they put something like this!!!

It is even cooler if you watch weapon failures (it is essentially the same video, but it has critical failures too)

Basically, I say it can be done, and very well should be done. If your weapon degrades and has a chance of jamming in a firefight, you sure as hell are going to pick your fights and will take very good care of your weapons (best case scenario, that is.)

So with a shit mold you can craft a precision steal jacket round with a soft metal ball in the center that is the perfect diameter for a refiled barrel?

All in 2 minutes and they are all the same

Well, they can improve it through the Alpha and Beta phases, of course. It would be amazing a system like the one above.
But surely the team’s priority at the moment are really far different, so for my concern they can add just a random jamming system for now, and then introduce the weapons degradation and bullets quality step by step, like the rest.

It must be said, the name “Rust” will became a fact even than a name with theese things!

Up this trade for what I’ve just seen on Trello:
Is this related in some way?

I would like to add weapon/item condition and the worse the item condition the more likely it is to mess up or jam, I would make it so if it jammed you would have to press the reload key to clear the jam (not a full reload, however)

and you would have to repair items to a better condition at a workbench to prevent them from jamming in the future

This would be perfect, is exactly what my suggestion tries to say!

sounds amazing!

Yay :smiley: more immersion!

Just made my day :slight_smile:

I really like this idea! Also, it would be very nice to have some sort of way of maintaining the weapon which would help prevent jams.
Ex. Using metal fragments to repair it, cloth for cleaning, etc… Just ideas, thought it might add a little extra feature to add.