Fix/Patch today?

Any news about this? Theres nothing on trello that hints it nor any news from Gary.

But theres some bugs that need a fix asap.

-Airdrops not working as intended, holding back new players.
-Bow/change weapon delay.
-Wood foundation breaking as soon as you place them.

I just had a 9.5 MB client update now. No idea what it’s for yet. I can still access servers with it.

Yea dafuq? What’s wrong with those wood foundations? Gathered all for nothing

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Plus I died many times because I couldn’t switch my bow to the shotgun

Yeah, Ive been having the same issue with foundations for a few days, hopefully that gets resolved.

Just noticed that too, a while ago.

Hope it will be preparation for a big patch later today or this week. :dance:

Really? Wood foundation works if you hold rightmouse at the same time when you place it.

I didn’t experience this wood foundation bug and I placed lots of them yesterday


Just because you didn’t have the foundation problem today, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

My advice is finish putting up those foundations while you still can.

+1 - Patches with no notes drive me nuts!

Same here …and I don’t know if this Steam update means we need to patch our servers – as there’s no notes or indication of if it was just client side stuff.

The two bugs that are killing me so far since the last big update are: no automatic airdrops and having issues switching from pickaxe to bow or other weapon. I’ve been killed a couple times because I couldnt get my weapon out.

I don’t want to install a mod to solve the airdrop issue.

+1 Dunno why it’s so much to ask for a simple changelog!

May be it just Nothing has changed, like previous small one before changing the sky.

Hopefully it will be something big next time.

If nothing changed, there wouldn’t be an update.

The change log could simply be:
3/4/2014 - Simple changes that don’t affect the players

If you want people to contribute to testing and expect them to report what is broken, they need to know what you think is fixed.

This isn’t much but I’ve only noticed that the logo for Rust on my dock has changed (Mac)

Don’t know what the team is doing, but the last update broke a lot of stuff. Me and my friends left the game since, waiting for another update.

Pretty boring.

i hope they fix the weapon switch…

The game was more stable and worked better in January than it does now. 1 step forward, 2 steps back has been the story lately. Hopefully it doesn’t continue down this path.

Rubberbanding is server related i think…