Fix Pillars?

Can someone point me to the Devblog post explaining why they changed pillars? Also, is there any information about fixing them to actually work correctly? Or, any information about creating a better crafting system?

The pillar system is a mess. I have no idea why they are now placed in the center of the foundation. All I know is that is looks stupid and hinders free flow movement around the base. Either have them placed in all four corners of the foundation or take them out until they decide whatthey actually want to do with them.

They were changed because they weren’t needed between walls, and to increase stability. So I’ve read.

The new frames will probably be more useful when they are added.

The old pillar system had a few issues - sometimes you could not get to a pillar to upgrade or repair it. Also often you could not easily retro fit pillars or replace pillars that raiders destroyed in your base.

make pillar at corner but little fat, and able pillar placement in middle of other walls… i’am programmer and not seen hard do this mods. The system right now is frustating, i build up a base and need stop because triangles even can’t handle pillars at middle. pillar is really helpfull in build and frames are ok but i prefer pillar always if i need build a big room with empty inside space just pillars from ground to the top otherwise will be a lot of frames maxim wierd sense of space

Unless you are building a super huge clan base, pillars aren’t really needed right now, unless you need to go high.

But everyone needs a decently tall phallic sniper tower to impress passing naked noobs and/or take pot shots at your neighbors from

The pillars are so stupid now because I’ve noticed that if I want to build larger than a 3x3x3 I’ve to have pillars everywhere for example if I wanted a 5x5x5 I need pillars on three floors just to have about 20-40% stability on the last two.
I think they should bring back the old pillars I hate the new ones like someone said before I could get in and out of my base with trouble now I get stuck on the hitbox of the pillar and I just want to blow up my base from the inside out because of how fucking annoying they really are.

Which can be easily done with the current pillar system. Here is my current base:

I call bullshit, my flagship base is a 5x5x4 and I have had to rebuild it twice and repair it multiple times since the forced wipe 3 weeks ago and I have never needed to place a single pillar inside it and it’s still 40+ stability on the top floor.

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However I do agree that they should bring the old pillars back, the new ones are annoying as hell and I don’t use them at all because of it.
Plus it removed a lot of creativity from building, like you can’t build a nice looking porch with pillars in between the low walls anymore -.-

Pretty much. You can build up until like 5% stability so it isn’t as if your building will just suddenly collapse after taking 4 rockets.

modded server as hell, just kidding
i always build really high builds, but right now, i just try to be under the radar. You trick cheat in those one, yours pillars with square cellars are giving extra stability to others pieces, a lot of people don’t know that hehe without this kind of pieces around triangles, you don’t go really high i make one build strategy to go really high even a few layer high than this tower, i don’t really know the max floor i reach because C4 do all my base fall a part. Anyway now i waiting the wipe update hunting everyone with no mercy

Vanilla all the way baby!!!

We are the same right now, eagerly awaiting wipe by blowing everything we can up.

i know how you build it… but no everyone does. If you put a tower up without pillars it don’t get more than… maybe 8 floors? but if you do with pillars, you get easy 10+ floors

I have 7x7x11 base without any pillars and last floor 11% stable