When Fixed bug with rocks ? Why can live in the rock ? As these Raid infirm ?
Sorry for bad english

They keep fixing the rock bases but then another way to do it is introduced/found.

Why hide under rocks if you can bury all your stuff underground?

30% all players bilding they oun bases in rocks. How do you raid them?

You destroy them…

How i can destroy them?

Use the rock…

Deny them access. Same thing I’ve been doing to people that bury all their stuff in stashes, and think they’re invincible. All that clever shit doesn’t help you if it’s on the wrong side of someone elses wall.

Survive but do not hide

Can i get milk?

Find another server, one with decent admins and/or reasonable players.

most of the servers with admins or moderators have donation and the drop is changed> the number of blueprints is changed as well