Fix Server Immediately Shutting Down On Restart


I’m currently running into an issue where my server skips the server timeout when I restart my server.
I’ve removed all my stuff but my server still skips it.

I’m wanting to use a crash menu (re-connect screen) when I click restart to re-connect the players.

As of right now, when I click restart, it kicks everyone ASAP and gives the text
Disconnect: Server Shutting Down

How would I go about fixing this?

The timeout setting only works if your server has crashed, because the server will not have the opportunity to be closed properly (shutting down the Lua environment, saving data, etc). If you voluntarily shutdown the server, then all players will be kicked for the reason “Server shutting down”. This is the classic behaviour of Source dedicated servers.

That’s wild because the last few times i’ve owned servers on gmod, whenever ive clicked restart, that menu pops up.

Is there a way I could trick my server in thinking i’m pressing crash even tho all im doing is pressing restart? I really much enjoy a crash menu screen. It gives the player the option to just do nothing and go on their phone as they reconnect.

I know it’s something small but when a server just shuts down, the player might get off the game or goto a different server.

Everything depends on how your webhost’s control panel handles restarts. However, the classic behaviour is the one I described above. Currently, if you want to change that, you would have to voluntarily crash your server, but I don’t recommend it, since it can cause data corruption. If you have access to your server’s direct console (through SSH), you can still terminate your server instance but this is still considered a crash but the waiting screen you have set up will be displayed.

By chance, do you know if there’s a way to create a restart screen instead of a crash screen?

Have you tried the kill and _restart commands?

im going to attempt that as we speak. i am really hoping that works!

EDIT: Sadly still get hit with the Disconnect: Server Shutting Down message. :cry:

Try asking on the Discord, the guys always have a good idea for this kind of thing.