Fix signs or remove them please

The signs cause many player’s games to freeze when they come into the vicinity of a sign. Freezing causes players to lose gear. This is frustrating. Please remove them until you can find the cause and fix the freezes.

As a temporary fix, please refrain from posting any signs with the words “Eta Kooram Nah Smech”.

If they don’t have the issue on their PCs and they remove it from the public, how would they know when is it fixed?


“This is for hens to laugh!”

It’s a Serenity reference.

Should have used something cool like “Klaatu barada nikto”!

I agree that this issue is super frustrating, and very prevalent but I donno if they should be taken out until fixed… just fixem plz =D it is a terrible bug


I agree, needs a fix soon.

A guy was shooting me at my base so I quickly placed a sign and he crashed, I ran outside and looted him. He wasn’t very happy when he came back ingame. trollface

EDIT: I’m not doing this constantly. It was a quick reaction because I had a sign in my hotbar.

This is how you win games.

Yeah I have crashed a few times walking near bases, been looted twice. I logged back in as someone was looting me once. Got my stuff back but seriously this is game breaking.

Agreed. This needs to be addressed quickly. I’ve died too many times now due to these damn things. It’s been 2+ weeks since they’ve been in. The problem is well known and getting to be game breaking now that people are learning to exploit it to their advantage in PVP.

+1 it is total bullshit that guitars are being worked on while this bug exists

Garry on how long guitars took…

Don’t act like the guitar is preventing bugs from being fixed.

The guitar is a moot point. I still think it’s useless and question why it was added to the game in the first place, but the amount of time required to get it in the game is insignificant.

But seriously, the sign crash bug needs to be fixed. This is getting retarded.

  • looks forwards to building a gun tower, placing signs all around it, then playing “duck shoot” with all the frozen players passing by… *

happened twice to me today, I was going after a bear, came near a house and froze/crashed. when I was back I was dead - Bear ate my body - sucks big time.

They need to take it out. Good thing we have guitars though. Nope we don’t need bugs that are game breaking like this fixed. We need them to add guitars and more things to break the client further. Oh yes, so good very wow.

Removing signs won’t fix them. Fixing them will.

Was this bug even happening before the guitar was added?