Fix stone wall decay or tell me I can't play solo

Seriously after this last stone wall nerf is brutal. Not even a day gone by since I placed my walls and 6k stone worth of maintenance, compound isn’t that big just a main house furnace house and quarry. The larger groups have more traffic so I doubt it affects them this much from gate constantly resetting decay. So either fix this or just tell me I can’t play solo and I’ll uninstall and play a more solo friendly game.

They are testing shit out.

If you have a quarry, simply putting 300 fuel in it will get you far more then 6k stone, probably about 10kish… 300 fuel is very easy to get so I don’t see why you’re complaining.

that stone wall “nerf” was actually a buff that made small bases very unatractive for raids cuz they wont pay out if thats the intetion of the raid.