fix the animals

why is it that all animals have rocket boots on

dont give me some bullcrap about it being realistic or challenging, because they are simply too fast. if a bear or wolf is chasing you then you cant outrun it, and good luck trying to kill that deer as a fresh spawn when it clearly has some kind of teleportation device

also it would be useful to have the status bar back that tells us when we are bleeding

the deer are close to realistic yet the boar is over done i think, but keep chasing them, they do eventually stop, yet its not the speed that bugs me about animals its the stupid way the run around in circles, up impossible hills, into the water and through rocks.
The don’t have teleportation devices they instead have FTL rockets up their butts and wolves try to hug you.

For what it’s worth, you CAN kill a bear with a spear as a new spawn and not die. Just be prepared to start making a bandage with the first bit of cloth you harvest. It’s scary (but I wouldn’t say unrealistic) to have animals that you can’t simply outrun, and work needs to be done to make it clear the the player that they are being attacked from behind, but the animals really aren’t that tough. Recommend spear practice.

they need to have their senses dulled a little more than anything. those damn deer can hear me crawling over a hill from 50m away and then super-run through a few rocks off into the sunset;)

i know they are supposed to have exhaustion or whatever but you cant even catch up to them because they are out of sight in 2 seconds, i say just make them the same speed as in legacy, where you can also stealth up to them whilst crouched

Yes, please fix the animals! Deer and wolves are primarily nocturnal creatures and boar, if threatened are likely to charge and try and kill you! Wolves are generally pack animals and I’d advise against poking a bear with a spear, you’re only going to make it angry!

As for the OP who didn’t want any BS about them being fast, humans have an average top speed of about 16mph (usain bolt nearly 28mph). Deer can reach 30mph over short distances, wolves can reach 40mph, bear’s can hit 35mph so too can wild boar!

The thing that annoys me a little is that their awareness of you in Rust is either 0 or 100%, no middle ground, no hiding behind cover or stealth tactics. The harvesting of meat also makes me chuckle, anyone whose ever had to carry a kill off a hillside will also find this hilarious :slight_smile:

In game though they are easy enough to kill, you just have to hope they don’t run through a rock or building which they currently do or the up and down hillsides (that actually has a bonus as you don’t have to run as far!).

Chicken’s are your best bet clefreduli.

This has been going on for awhile and it annoyed me back then as it annoys me now.
In relation to the animals true speed it would have to mean that humans (in this case players) would have to move at there appropriate speed, which I dont believe they are.
The aggro range is spread to far out which does not allow you to get remotely close to them. It is so spread out that it does not even match the range of your weapon.
Yes, this has been an issue for way to long

“they are easy enough to kill”

maybe if you have some kind of speed hack

i dont care what you say, bears or deers dont reach 30mph in half a second. it definitely needs some tweaking.

Don’t know about bears, but deer do. I hunt deer, and if they see you and sense danger there’s no way you’re going to chase them down any time soon. I would say that we should be able to sneak up on them better though. I’ve been able to get close enough to throw a rock at them without them running.

what does need to be fixed is wolves and bears killing people in their houses… i mean like, I was on the water in a stone 1x2 and I died from a bear while asleep…

It’s really only wolves… stupidly fast. Because of the lerp, hard to hit.

Sounds need to be fixed. Can’t hear them atm.

deers reach 30mph in 0.5 seconds?

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its all animals

I don’t hunt that much now. Once I get a bow up and running, the animals are so easy I risk filling my inventory will excessive meat, cloth and fat.

Spear a bear off the bat from a crouch as you don’t need to hunt them. More times you’ll win and they load you with goods.

which pixel am i looking at here



Maybe not exactly 30mph in .05, but the ones in game aren’t very far off from reality. Again, if they just made it possible to sneak up on them they would be good to go.

EDIT:Aww, they didn’t embed. Check out the second link to see how fast they can take off from a standstill.

I like this one, you can easily go faster on a bike than run!

You don’t need to speed hack to catch animals , they even run in a straight line away from you so it’s not exactly hard to follow then till they slow down even if they go out of sight.

So your either a troll or a complete numpty.

like I already said i dont care about your ‘this is realistic’ nonsense, because its a game. no need to spew hatred just because i’ve had a different experience to you, because you obviously havent played recently if you think the animals are OK. why are you so quick to defend something thats obviously broken? you are allowed to have an opinion that isnt asslicking you know

considering the video could have been faked. not saying it was just a option. animals are far faster than a human on foot.

wolves on the other hand are endurance runners much like humans but they are still faster on run than a human.

bears on the other hand don’t do well running down hill and don’t have a lot stamina. still most reach speeds of 20 mph.

so running from a predator is not likely to happen. as for boar and deer. deer are capable of quick bursts of speed but can’t keep up the pace for long periods of time. boar on the other hand are just as likely to turn and face their opponent than to run away.

so their you have it my opinion on the subject.

yes we have established that animals are fast

however it doesnt make for good gameplay, and its really very annoying and just seems like they are bugged