Fix the bow and arrow...

This is ridiculous, our base it gettin raided way to easy, it has too much damage to wooden structures.

GG Bases R.I.P.

yes its just too easy, this can’t be what they had in mind for a HUNTING bow…plz fix no reason to even build a structure when its that easy to break down with such a simple thing to craft…the idea i love, tried it out a bunch and had a lotta fun

Yea, a group of 5 came and did it to my base, however they all were eliminated.

good on ya

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I reckon the bow should have high damage for players only not buildings

Well thanks to this video all I can say is Bases are not going to be safe for the next 24 hours until they release a fix. Huzzah! I guess they didn’t properly test it but that is a little silly. Its a Home made bow, its not like you’re a master carpenter that could make a bow so powerful it literally pushes you back.

Defend our base Rice, defend it. <3

Well, lucky us for not having bows yet. EU FTW. <3

Personally, I thought not having bows sucked, but now that I saw the bugs that it has, I’m slightly glad.

So what are the bugs with it? I have yet to be on the server since it was implemented and I can’t get on for a little. My base is probably raided though since if I’m correct it takes down walls very quickly

we do have it on EU “FTW” :slight_smile:

and how do we get one?

You can craft it

also am I the only one who has noticed banshee fiend voting every post dumb in the Rust subforum? lol

When they update our servers if they’re not already, hopefully they’ll add in the Metal parts because I’ve not seen any yet.

He’s done the same to me. I smell a Kiddie who bought gold for rust keys.

Best to log out with anything worth keeping til it’s fixed, anyone who wastes arrows on breaking into my base will be sorely disappointed. Hope u like animal fat and coal, that’s all u naughty childs will get from my base! MWAHAHAHAH

We’re the ones testing it.

And you’re telling me they wouldn’t have spent 2 minutes to look at the damage value to buildings as they’ve done with all the other weapons they’ve added?

why they do not remove bow until they be fixed? the bandits benefit and plunder whatever they want!

It was fixed. :downs:

I tired it to see if it worked but I had no luck with it. O.o

Are you guys saying that the bows broke down walls?

oh god damn it, I should have gotten on earlier lol