I posted a few weeks ago about doors opening inwards. Nobody seemed to experience this problem. I didn’t experience it again until last night. What the hell is up with this? This has gotten me killed multiple times. I understand that it kicks you from the server to prevent the noclip, but it’s pretty damn ridiculous that I have to carefully walk through my fucking house because the doors are opening inwards and causing me to get kicked. I just grabbed an mp5 out of my base upon respawn and reloaded it. I got kicked because of the door bug. I log back in and rush it, just to realize that the gun actually didn’t reload because the game kicked me, because the door opened inwards. It’s frustrating as hell to see so much time being invested into graphical upgrades, when the real thing that currently makes this game difficult to enjoy is the messed up hitboxes, doors opening inwards, and the many exploitable issues within the game. The graphics should come last, imo.

Rant Over.

I needed to vent.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread not two, all caps thread title" - postal))