Im sorry if any rage will be seen but im pissed off.
The anti cheat system that rust has does nothing, it’s total crap. Every server I go in people aimbot, no clip.

5 minutes before this thread me and my guys got raided in a big house lots of iron doors, I did not hear any C4 nor grenades and suddenly a group of people was looting our stuff.
When I tried to kill them I got one shotted with a 9mm pistol in a second, the guy was no even looking at me when I sneaked up to him.

This is making me angry and not want to play the game anymore, too many fcking hackers to ruin our playing time.
Im mad, make a f
cking better anticheat system or this game is going to get reviewed so bad in the future.

I love the game, we all do, worth it’s money…but i’ve never seen so many hackers in my whole life. FIX IT ASAP - NEXT UPDATE I WANT TO SEE BETTER ANTICHEAT SYSTEM.


(User was banned for this post ("there's already a thread going about this/all caps thread title" - postal))

Are you playing on an official server?

yup merlock is right. its just not worth the time with all this hackers around. its sad cause the game its awesome even in alpha state.

It’s a big shame such a promising game is being let down by people using hacks. Is the VAC enabled right now in Rust?

Got a tweet from garry saying VAC is enabled when I asked him if they’re looking into the aimbot and 3D radar issues.