Fix the lag spikes since last update!

This game ran perfect on my computer, and since the last couple updates it been bad. It runs the cp usage up insanely and lag spikes every 10-20 seconds.

Did you switch to a larger server? If so than that would be the problem.

Its happening on EVERY server. Along with the point that this game now attempts to bump my cpu usage to 34% which it has never done. Nothing has pushed this computer even beyond 10%. There must be a memory leak.

I can’t speak for memory leaks or anything like that. However, my server did have some server lag spiking about 2 updates ago (so bad the server was virtually unplayable). For me, the culprit was Oxide. After noting how many errors and other issues there were with Oxide and its plugins, I switched back to ++ and the lag has disappeared.

Something to try if you’re seeing the lag spikes. Obviously, if client-side, then ignore me.

Nah I tried un-modded too and it just won’t stop. The updates are causing it. This pc is a very strong computer so it’s not that. It runs perfect and it always has, but the ping spikes are new and only started after these past 2 updates, it can’t be the computer, it has to be the internet usage or something with the game. It’s to a point where I ask people on other servers and they are saying they are getting the same thing, and I see it on some forums too.

Agree 100%. Ever since the last update every server seems to be getting some massive lag spikes, especially on the larger deathmatch servers. Before the patch even the high pop deathmatch servers ran smoothly, but now my ping on them oscillates between normal and 800+ ms. The unmodded servers seem to suffer from the same issue, though not quite as bad.

I know, it just makes it un playable right now, I am hoping it gets fixed soon so I can actually play again. I NEVER lagged, ever. Until now.