Fix the Magnet tool

Whenever I use the magnet tool, It can magnetise Items, But it cannot and will not create a magnet, No lua errors pop up, so its just a bug or the creator never finished the tool. So I am thinking the magnet tool would be useful, but noone can use it if the tool doesn’t work. It would be extremly useful for planes dropping bombs or escape pods and such. Anyone agree?

It used to work, but I’ve not played GMod in a while.

mmm…It would be handy for me.

It doesn’t create a magnet prop, all it does is magnetise props.

It says in the tool description it can create magnets using right click.

You misread, idiot! After it says magnetize props with Left-click, it says you can make magnets with right-click! You are really stupid, ya know that?

It still won’t create a magnet prop, because there is not a prop anywhere in the game that resembles a magnet.

Yeah. well they could edit the crane’s magnet form Halflife 2 and make it the size of a hoverball.


Or you could get the crane’s magent from half-life 2 and magnetise that.

It’s not that much of a problem, is it?

Mmmm… Indeed…
They just chose not to Fix or finish it X(

Hl2 Crane Prop =P
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