!!!!:. Fix the recent Garry's Mod Crashing .:!!!!

This fix is not hot. It is a workaround.

Yeah mine still isn’t working either

This should be sticky’d (or pinned, or whatever it is on this forum).

That way, the people looking for help that didn’t realize the problem was TF2 related and/or don’t know how to unmount something without loading GMod won’t make threads.

I predict that will lower the threads made on the topic by about 10-25% (most people CBF to look at sticky’d threads, but still. Better than nothing.)

mine worked without doing anything?

That could mean they fixed it.

Problem with that though is that most people can’t even get to the menu to un-mount tf2.

Thanks, it works.

Uuh, Window popped up saying “Updating Garry’s Mod”, and now “Team Fortress 2 is Downloaded”. :raise:

It’s still mounted.

and to all of you who said just unmount tf2 mine got so bad that gmod wouldnt even start thanks raging wolf

p.s. raging wolf i fucking love you

The Game seems to work now.


There isn’t even a problem, I think peoples’ systems are just becoming too weak.

Is it safe to remount tf2? It’s been a few days now.

Yes. And it’s not been a few days. Not even 24 hours.

Oh, I guess I lost track of time. I thought the update was a day or so ago.

doesn’t work for me

i don’t even have a Content.txt in my cfg folder so WTF!?

i’ve made the Content.txt file but still dont work

ummm i dont event play my TF2 at all, so do i got to worry about all this mountings snd shti? or just put in the fix

VALVe unbroke it.

If people are running around with TF2 unmounted, they either think it’s still borked or they’re too lazy to remount it