Fix the Research Table

I made 5 trials (for the Bolt Rifl ammunitions) (70% chances of failures):
Litteraly every single trial was a fail.

I think the research table have to be buffed, it already cost a shitton of metal to be made.
The % of failure have to be lowered by some lots.

That’s the law of averages, a 30% chance of success means you can quite easily get 5 fails in a row. It can also mean you get lucky first time. Several of my crew have got lucky first time when researching the bold action, water pipe shotgun, thompson, and hatchet, so you definately can get a lucky break.

IMO the research table needs a nerf. I’ve already seen 1000 times more guns and explosives on my server. People are being raided multiple times a day because getting the gear and tools to do so is way easier than it ever was before.

Funny, the very first time I put an AK into the research table, I got a blueprint. Maybe, just maybe, you should do a sampling of more than 5 trials (lol) before you go crying for nerfs or buffs. Maybe.

its a lot more the poeple complaining that its too easy to get a BP than the ones whining about not getting them.
so i suggest you to quietly go away whistling…

I haven’t tried it yet, but I would imagine it would be easy if you have someone in your group that can make guns. One of our members has all the BPs, and I plan on just having him make a stack of AK’s for me to disassemble.

From the devblog:

‘I did the first iteration of the long awaited research bench. It’s pretty straightforward: you put your item in, pay the required resources (item cost + 10 paper), and you get a 30% chance to get a blueprint for the item. Here’s the catch: that 30% is scaled by both the item’s condition & max condition, and if researching fails it either destroys the item or reduces its quality to 0. This kind of sucks, but I’ve got a way better idea that I’ll get implemented in the next week or so. This should do for now. Check out the temp art.’

Just keep plugging away, it’s not bugged. I had to try 6-7 times to get a vagabond blueprint but only once for AK and twice for BR.

Its fine, if anything, i want it to be more expensive. ive tried on many items, i usually get the blueprint in 2 or 3 tries. For the AK, we tried 5 times with fresh AK and failed every time. Gun should be hard to research. cost us 5k metal and i dont know how much wood and paper.

Please lower the success rate for guns. its too easy right now.