Fix the to make a stable campaigns HL2 EP1+2 for the next big update, and stable Gmod

I’m Sorry to say, but it need to be fix, For me I play Gmod Half Life 2 Campaigns and custom maps that I made,

          If possible make the next update fix the campaign on sandbox gamemode

                       I use some fou addons to stable it, The Good News is, It Works, but not all the maps
                                                                                                      To facepunch

Last time I was able to play the full campaign without a problem, what doesn’t work for you?

Several fixes are made for the HL2 campaign each update. You can already test them in early by putting your game on the development branch (Dev Branch - Garry's Mod Wiki). If you find bugs or issues, you can report them on the Gmod Discord or on the Github (Issues · Facepunch/garrysmod-issues · GitHub).

Thanks I appreciate it,

Hey the half life 2 campaign are fix to HL2 all the way to ep2,

          The update january 2021 did fix the maps selection and play going to the next map with out crashing 
          for the sandbox mode single player.

          I got the time to find to fix it and make folders and extract mod to the folders alyx animation and Dog 
                            to progress the game

              But FacePunch just leave as it is plz

                                                                                                     thank you for read it