Fix the water in L4D

If you map for L4D you might have come across the unbelievable ugly water they used. It always looks like some kind of mud and not transparent.

So I tried to export the water textures from HL2 (“materials/dev” and “materials/nature”) and insert them into L4D.

This is the outcome, it still looks like shit, nowhere near the HL2 transparent water.
L4D (dev_water5) : HL2 (water_canals_city)

So what did they change with the water in l4d? Why cant it be transparent?


Post the compile log

L4D doesn’t use water for actual gameplay. I don’t think this is fixable.

They rarely use water in L4D, the only places I’ve seen water is in the sewers, they use the water_pretty1 for that one. And I’ve seen a river and they probably use ruralwater_river for that.

The water_pretty one is especially made for the sewers and will bug up if you have any cubemaps tied to it. If you have cubemaps in the area though, you would have to do a new cubemap in a pitch black room and tie it to the water. The rural one can have a cubemap.

cubemaps and compile log are not the problems, it just seems like they removed something
in the l4d engine version that lets the water be transparent. its ALWAYS milky, and ugly.

I just gave you the proper explanation.

Try to alter the .vmt for the water or find some way to do your own and alter it.

But that cant be the problem either, because im using the vmts of Half Life2?!
I also use the water.vtf’s (materials/dev) of HL2, so why cant it just be displayed LIKE in Hl2? :-/

Maybe because it’s a different engine version that renders shaders differently?

L4D handles water differently. It doesn’t have to look good anyway, you can’t even swim in L4D. It’s made for either the sewer or a river.

I know it’s not the .vmt’s I just thought that you could try to alter them to look different, I’m not sure if you can override it somehow.

But yeah, L4D doesn’t really handle water.