Fix the weapons (.357 and thirdperson weapons)

The .357 never shows a muzzle flash in any world view, ever. Only the glow of the muzzle flash.

Fix the weapons disappearing in thirdperson / camera view too.

Really annoying bugs in my opinion, and they really shouldn’t be all that hard to fix. Thanks in advance.

what are you talking about

He seemed pretty clear to me.

How are they really annoying? One’s a muzzle flash, the other is a disappearing weapon. They’re DETAILS. They aren’t needed to render 100% for the game to be playable (unless you have a wicked OCD)

Add muzzle flashes like these:

(Note: Picture is real. It’s an airplane photo of the USS Iowa)

Someone needs to make that a swep.

Ask someone to a firefight with guns on your server. He pulls out a Smg, you pull out a 357.
“ha, that shitty gun? ok then!”

ZemogT :jihad: XxXEPICKILLER3000XxX

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