Fix the Web Of Shadows models?

Its quite annoying how s-low fucked with the models so they fit the HL2 skeleton, this is a reques to ge the models to look like they did in the oirignal Spiderman Web Of Shadows, with maybe ehnanced phys equal to that sam fisher ragdoll or Jason278’s Personal skin reagdoll.

**Links to the models im talking about.

Spiderman :

Venom :

Luke Cage, Black Cat (silver surfer is in there too, dont do him) :

Wolverine, Kingpin, MoonKnight :


Oh how could i forget referance pics?





Kingpin (couldnt find a pic, so heres a vid)


With eye, face, and finger posing, spidey, venom, and moonknight dont need facposing though (venoms jaw can be ragolled)**

hmmm sounds cool

Didn’t you already make this thread?

Also eye and faceposing would be nearly impossible to do on most if not all of them (due to how the textures and mesh have been set up).

How messy, where is my mouth dude?

Thats Kingpin as you see what Silver said is true

Wait, are you joking…or…cause i can see his mouth fine.

The mouth inside is what he’s talking about, your referring to the lips.

Also on that note, I just checked and Kingpin doesn’t have a mouth inside on the mesh either (as I suspected).


I meant to say teeth and tongue, what Spirit said.

@Silver Spirit: Wut? He doesn´t even have a mouth mesh?

Makes me wonder if its the same case in the game.

Hack on a mouth from another model…problem solved, well, it would be a bit more difficult i suspect, but still.



If not kingpin and the like, atleast venom, moonkight, and spidey.

They are all like that.

I support This!

Venom, Moonknight, and Spidey dont need faceposing. (venom=posable jaw)

S-Low made Venom too fucking short.

For fucks sake would you stop bumping old threads?