fix the You can not spawn this NPC. Sorry. thing.

I went onto my friend’s sever and when I went to spawn a NPC, I forgot he diden’t have it, a messsage came up and it said “You can not spawn this NPC. Sorry!” and I was fucked and coulden’t close it. I tryed F3 to bring up the mouse but it diden’t come up. I tried EVERYTHING. I had to Ctrl+Alt+delete to get out, had to restart gmod and had to reconnect to the sever which takes me like 15 minutes. So if you could fix that please do.

this is a feature

its an annoying feature.


All that needs adding is a simple


I approve of this thread.

You can actually find the button with a bit of coordination and patience. Just push the invisible cursor into the bottom left or right of the screen (your choice) and slowly move the mouse over, then up. If you’ve got good imagination and good dexterity you should be able to do it. Alternatively, run in windowed mode and shit yo