fix this annyoing noise.

there is a noise in the game that is annoying me. i think its the wind, but im not sure, but its annoying and giving me a headache so please fix that.

I am sorry my dear princess but are you actually retarded enough to post this? Turn your volume down maybe!?

Yes, it’s the wind rushing through the trees.

Cry more. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking he’s talking about the radiation sound (possibly?)

How in the fuck do you confuse wind, which is in-game, with the geiger counter? HURRR

No, he’s not talking about the “radiation sound.”

Ah, I didn’t pay much attention to the OP, it seems. Woops. No need to be such a condescending dick about it.

Why are you bothering to post in a thread when you don’t bother reading it? You deserve to be on the receiving end of a little dickery.

I did bother reading it - I must have skimmed past the ‘wind’ part, seeing as it’s one word in a bunch of mumbo jumbo. All I saw was that there was a sound that was annoying him and was giving him a headache, and my first thought was that it was the radiation - it annoys me, too.

I’ve seen several of your posts around the forum. You’re a straight up dickhole to everybody that I’ve seen you reply to. Merry Christmas.

Speaking of annoying noises, does anyone get a loud woodcutting noise when chopping wood? Like the sound kinda skips and plays the noise but like really loud just once.