Fix this map for Garry's Mod?

Hi Facepunch.

I was wondering if someone can fix this WC Mappack Map for Garry’s Mod? It’s “Bays.vmf”. Here are some pictures:

Thanks in Advance.

What do you mean by fix?

I say fix because it is very old, and in need of compiled to a .bsp file, so it could work in Half-life 2 and Garry’s Mod. And also to “fix” by getting rid of old incompatible textures and adding the retail HL2 textures.


I’ll do it some time next week, if you can wait a bit. Also, do you want it left blank or do you want pre-placed npcs on it?

Here’s somewhere that’s been hosting it for an extended period.

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Don’t worry, it’s legit. I’ve downloaded it from here every time I’ve needed/wanted to. :v:


If its not compiled into bsp, then how did you get screenshots?


Screenshots are from HL2 wiki.

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I don’t think npcs would be neccessary, I would only want it for posing.

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The pics are from HL2 wiki.

I actually compiled this map to take some screenshots for the wiki. I would fix it for retail if it wasn’t so tedious and I could figure out how to make the cranes work properly. Imo it isn’t worth it, as there’s nothing more to the map apart from the rather small area you can see on the screenshots.

Why would Valve cancel that? Looks awesome as fuck.

Because it was leaked and everyone would have expected it. They needed something new to wow us.

IMO looks messy. It wouldn’t fit into the HL2 gameplay either.

Il see what i can do

Tried to open it up before. Many of the models, especially the docking bays and watchtowers are either missing or for the original 2002 source engine. I suppose brush-based replacements would look decent.

update: compiled the map
got rid of all bad textures
Now adding the newer equivalent of the models