Fix your shit.


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dude it’s in alpha

Yeah I realize that and if I venture back into the hell of EU servers I will be the first to defend it as that but there needs to be something for legit players to cling to to feel better when getting wrecked because we have nothing to go off, just saying, I immediately regret swearing and stuff btw but it’s an issue everyone in game speaks of with worse ranting than me

You need to realize they are working on it and they said they will be working on a fix today for the duping. And the hackers. Let me tell you, There will always be hackers no matter WHAT anti cheat they set up. people can get around stuff. Go ahead and go make your own game, you will see it’s not easy to fix stuff it takes time and you gotta know what you’re doing to fix it. btw It’s just alpha so calm your self.

Even if there was no duping the small group getting stomped will still happen as they have balance issues that they need to sort out

Like I said Cody, I know, you said the exact same thing as the guy above but with other dumb points, I’m just saying it would be nice to be able to say or at least think to myself, it will be ok soon, but it hasn’t been the case since I started.

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And Darkhorse true but the raid on me wasn’t a big group just a duper I am sure if I could defend myself I would have, my door was insta blown but if it wasn’t near impossible to get a weapon I could at least defend myself but right now everything I’ve done is gone, so I’m a little sour, but I play DayZ it’s understandable, in fact I think you should forget some recipes when you die so it feels like you lose even more upon death, maybe half your memory, but that might just be me

Interesting idea on people losing recipes but when there is balance issues and new players and small groups getting killed a lot it only going to benefit the clans

Maybe it’s just me, but using this as an excuse for everything is kinda stupid now.
Holy shit my computer broke because of rust
d00d ets an alpha m8

Yeah I agree the excuse is a little overused and even though I’m the evil antagonist in this thread, rawr. I defend it because it’s quite simply true, a computer breaking would be pretty scary but I mean, surely in a pay to play alpha there would be updates or acknowledging of broken stuff? I’m not on the forum 24/7 by any means but I’ve heard a lot of rumors “wipe in 30minutes” etc and 2 days later I’m still hearing the same thing, but what do I know I guess, I just want to know

Really what should be said back is “yes it an alpha, but this is my feedback to the devs they either act upon it or not”

I guess so but at the same time it motivates smaller groups or solo players to play a partially friendly game to team up even if it’s just a research truce so you share blueprints etc, it encourages team play which Infestation Survivor Stories (warz) and DayZ still can’t really do, but this way it’s a non hostile way to encourage friendly play, even though it isn’t directly for that purpose as the true purpose is just making players lose more! I might post a new thread for this idea just to see what the response gets to be honest because I think as long as I can maintain a base but lose a lot when my character dies I will really enjoy this game, a base where a couple satchel charges don’t ruin everything, I actually think they should be removed aswell but getting slightly ahead of myself here, don’t mind me


An Alpha is made to “Fix shit”. Stop being an idiot, if you didn’t want bugs and exploits in the game you shouldn’t have bought it.

So… By me saying “Fix your shit” Because that is the purpose of the Alpha I am the idiot? I think you need to re-read what I said, ignore the rage and see the point, I am requesting they FIX THE SHIT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. Lol.

I read up to this point. There are obvious errors and glitches like this dup glitch. The server is dead as far as playing legit goes. Just accept any of your hard earned work is ruined because of this error. But it will be fixed, and there will be a wipe. Playing alpha is always knowing you could lose all your work because of a wipe. And since it is painfully obvious there will be a wipe soon, ppl are exploring the dup without even trying to hide it.

But as other and even you said, this is an alpha. Dont want to lose a lot of hard worked on things? Dont play until full release.
If there is a bug feel free to report it, otherwise there is no excuse for bitching.

The devs obviously know this is an issue and are probably making a fix now. Just be patient. Maybe they are busy working on some new content instead. It will get fixed when they decided. Calm your tits.

wrong? There have been many errors that they have fixed already. There are still errors from day one yes, or just things that need to be balanced, but the game is still being made! This is why I think it was a mistake to make it an open alpha/auction. To many ppl coming in and expecting things. Its garrys damb game and he can take 2 years to make it if he desires.

Oh I agree man really I do, I was looking forward to the wipe as a new player even with my stuff, I won’t lie I used the dupe to make a big house to sort of explore what I could do with a building (none of those ridiculous towers you see) but is there an actual date to expect the wipe? Some people say every 30minutes, a dude today said in months due to Garry having a baby boy?

ya I am looking forward tot he wipe myself. Have no idea when it will be though. considering the speed of past updates I would say within this week for sure. And ya garry either just had a kid or learned hes having one. I am sure that is slowing production a bit.

I hope so, I mean all respect for Garry, just making the game is great but he’s not alone surely? And I mean you can’t really dig at the excuse of having a kid, gratz for that if it’s true or something along those lines, but you see what I mean, even in the comments above somebody said they were working on it today in all their wisdom

Okay… so what you do… is you report the issues you’re having, in clear, concise wording so they take you seriously… and you wait.

This whining, complaining, etc, will accomplish nothing. The only thing that can be said is “it’ll be done when its done”

“It’ll get fixed when it gets fixed”
“Wipe will happen when it happens”

Don’t like how it is now, and you don’t feel like dealing with it? Take a break. Give it a week/month/3 months/year. When you come back, chances are things will have changed/improved. Forcing yourself to play it in its current state (which you report to not be having fun with) will do nothing more than push you away from it in frustration.

I guess you have a good point and thanks for putting it like that, when it gets too much I’ll be sure to take that break but at the same time, it’s happening ingame where people are duping fires all over the map to destroy frames with the idea that they have to otherwise be ignored, I’m not one of these people and I don’t support it because it ruins the game present in prepare for a unforseeable better future if that makes sense BUT, I feel like in this case words might speak louder than actions and it might put into prospective how things are right now, I hope they already know though

LMAO @ a “Fix your shit” post during an alpha.

So what your saying is the “alpha” should not have problems? Cause last I checked once a game does not have the problems that come with an alpha and beta stage its known as “released” lets check the state of this game again… oh wait thats right its ALPHA.

Saying its alpha is not an excuse its a fact of programing and you even saying that really just shows everyone here that has done plenty of alpha/beta testing how much you lack ANY knowledge on the subject.

You are just another cry baby wanting something NOW that is not ready NOW its in TESTING. So here is a bottle stop crying sit the fuck down and wait for the release like the rest of us.