Fixed Airdrops?

I have 2 Rust servers and after the new update I wiped and restarted them, yet the airdrops still do not work. I have the minimum players for airdrops set to 2, yet even with 10+ people in the servers, no airdrops come.

Is anyone else encountering this issue? Or am I doing something wrong or need to do something else in order to get them to spawn, without using the rcon command.

Double check the setting. It is airdrop.min_players. I made this mistake a while ago before they were broken and had airdrops.min_players instead.

“airdrop.min_players 15” < Taken from my server config. No drops when above 15 players, have tried restarting, lowering the number, yet no drop arrives. I went on to UK2 official server waited 2 game days and no drop came on that server either.