Fixed! Cstrike Problem, Now New Problems Arise

Now i only have 3 errors to go >.<

The first one is, Solid_Vphysics static prop with no VPhysics model! <models\props_lab\corkboard001.mdl>

The second one is, Attempting to create unkown entity type info_ladder! Can’t init info_ladder

If anyone has run into these problems befor and had a fix could you please share? or even guide me @ what i must do to fix these errors,

The third is in this

It’s the Options menu or F4 menu for Gmod, it appears but is glitched @ the top left of the screen

This is the error that appears–>

[gamemodes\darkrp\gamemode\showteamtabs.lua:554] attempt to get length of global ‘CustomVehicles’ (a nil value)[

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Bumping a 2 hour late post wont fix your problem, the smart guys are offline or doing some other business :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d say bump if its some days old but that is just my opinion.