Fixed Issue For People Who Couldn't Join Community Servers

If you couldn’t join a community server just by clicking it (like me) then that issue has been resolved now. I can click and join community servers just like the official ones were.

It was fixed for about 15 minutes… which happened the same time the in-game lag stopped… but we’re back to square 1 now.

Same here, I logged in just fine and everything seemed hunky-dory, but then I got dc’ed and now cannot connect again.

Phew, I was afraid it was just me that can’t connect, but yeah… I can’t connect to any server. Or at least any community server, haven’t tried the official ones, nor modded yet.

The clicking issue is fixed for me (I can finally click on community servers), but can’t join like everyone else.

Think everyone just disconnected. The issue is probably still fixed but the server might have gone to shit again

That issue has been invoked by too low resolution in game.

you my be right

Obviously I am right