Fixed Pilot L4D + two more things.

Could someone fix the pilot so he isn’t a effect anymore? So he can be a ragdoll again and be alive?
If so thanks…
Also is anyone working on a fix so the non-wrecked Jimmy Gib’s Jr car so it can go on the ground but not in air?
I did see someone that did make one for the[sp]helichopper from The ending of the parish.[/sp]
And one more thing… Could someone make the chopper from No mercy? Like not the destroyed one?

Isn’t the pilot from L4D1 a ragdoll?

No. Not in my Gmod. I think you have to edit lots of codes so it isn’t a ragdoll. But no one really made a good tutorial. And if i need a Zombie for it then thats a problem. I deleted the zombies (Not the tank, boomer, Witch, Smoker, hunter and the other ones from L4D2.)




Why would you make the chopper from no mercy?

And you can’t code the pilot so he’s a ragdoll.

Its actually quite simple, you place a PHY file in his folder and name it rescue_pilot_01

Can’t you put your one in a zip and send it to me?

When I get home I will send it

Thanks. Do you need my email?


Since i meant send it through email. Or you can do it your way.

Could I ask here for the W_models of the melee weapons (or all the weapons, w/e works) from L4D2?
I saw only the bat and chainsaw as hexed versions, so I’m assuming there’s a pack for the melee weapons somewhere, I’ve yet to find it though.