Fixes to the hang or crash when "Sending client info"

Hey there, I’ve been having this problem since a week ago, so I started digging up threads for possible fixes to the - much common - crash when joining a Garry’s Mod server.
This is a compilation of everything that worked for me or other people:

  • Joining a singleplayer session and derp around for some minutes, then joining
  • Force DirectX level in the initialization parameters using -dxlevel <version>, where version can be 90 (9.0) or 110 (11.0)
  • Defragment / delete cache files
  • Lower graphics settings / run game windowed
  • Restart Steam and/or computer
  • Update graphics drivers
  • Disable antivirus while joining
  • Delete all addons

How long did you wait? It does seem to “hang” and windows will even say it has, but it doesn’t. Try waiting longer, and ignoring when windows asks you if you want to end it.