Fixing a gamemode - Coder needed

Hello, I’m looking for a coder that can help us fix a roleplay gamemode, specifically Open Aura with a custom schema (Stalker RP), a recent update to garrysmod happened to break it (Big surprise) and we’re looking for someone who could help us to fix it and get the gamemode running again, and we don’t know what is wrong with it.

And it would be great if you would be interested in joining our community, but if not that’s cool beans.

If your interested, please get in touch with me via steam, add Mrtasker or JDT_007.

Alternatively you could contact my counterpart, Linxiekins on steam.


We’re currently in the process of making a new STALKER rp map based on Pripyat, and working on some dynamic storylines for players to be involved in and shape proactively. We hope to bring a lot of new things and get as many people on board as we can. Of course we need to fix our gamemode before we can get things started.