Fixing fingerposing on a model

Yep, I have this model of Garrus from Mass Effect and I use it as my personal skin. But there’s this problem where the fingers are FUBAR. Instead of “normal” fingerposing, you have to rotate the base of the finger before bending the rest of the fingers. I’d rather want it to bend like normal fingers, IE. like ours do.

It’s quite hard to explain, and you rather need to see for yourself:

Basicly instead of the fingers moving like normal what is happening is that no matter how far you move the slider all that is happening is that the fingers are “breaking” or “wobbling” in place, meaning it becomes very difficult to finger pose.

This is a better explanation.

Here is an example:

My bad. It’s a leftover from fingerposing testing I did.

I didn’t really mean to include it, for those reasons.

So, you gonna fix it?