Fixing gray normals?

Alright I need some help with fixing normals using Photoshop, I’ve used a small tutorial posted on here before to fix the gray normals that AVP had but I can’t seem to fix the gray ones from Payday the Heist. Whenever I tri how it says to do so the normal just turns pink. Here is a link to what I used and heres an image on what it looks like in Photoshop

I skimmed the tutorial and that’s probably because your alpha channel is white instead of “the same as the red, green and blue channels, except it appears like it’s from a different lighting angle”

not sure what you can do though

That’s what I noticed too, I tried using the red,green, and blue channels as alphas and it came out to this, looks somewhat like a normal source normal but off

I tried the same thing with the other 2 gray Payday normals, they look fine but defiantly would like some clarification on if this is right