Fixing hand bones?

I’m having a bit of an issue with Simkas’s models.

I would love to use these models on CSS so I just recompile them with CSS animations and call it a day. Unfortunately, the models I’m looking to use on CSS have a bit of an issue:

Now, I figured out that the bones are on the wrong orientation. Is there any way to rotate the bones 90 degrees without using any 3D programs? I would use Milkshape but that just fucks the model weights further.

I’m not sure, but you might try $definebone

Tried that, nothing changed sadly.

Is there a way to disable/delete hand bones completely? I’d sacrifice fingerposing just as long as I could get the model to look decent.

Try some of these. Not sure if all commands still work.

None of the commands worked sadly. It seems to be more related to the weights than the bone itself.

I even tried just deleting completely the hand bones with Frag motion but it just came out worse.