Fixing Model Textures

Hello, I’m having a problem with textures on my model. Here’s a picture of what it looks like, and what it’s supposed to look like:

Here are pictures of what the texture files look like (two total):

I ported the model/textures from Dragon Age Origins into Hammer SDK. Didn’t change the texture files at all. What went wrong with the textures? I have this problem with most of the statue models I ported, but not all models. Some are textured perfectly fine.

try to upside down or rotate the first texture by 180°. if nuts… you could fix it in a modelling tool. the way the texture displaces the uv layout is upside down and a lil shifted to the right. you could also try basetexturetransform to correct it but it’s a lil messy to fix it. i did once but i’d rather not recommend that anymore. x)

Here’s the model with the texture turned 180 degrees.

basetexturetransform seems like it’d possibly work… could someone maybe help me with what I’d exactly put in the .VMT? I read this a little bit…:$basetexture

But I don’t know what exactly to put after ’ “$basetexturetransform” '. If I could get this down I could probably mess with it from there until the texture fit nicely.
EDIT: Ooh, I found that you can edit $basetexturetransform directly in SDK’s Model Viewer. Sweet.

Thank you for the help.

So I’m still having some trouble with the texture. As much as I try to change its position on the model, it doesn’t fit anywhere. Here’s a pic. Compare it with the pic of the texture file above:

And if anyone wants, here’s the files to try it yourself:
Dropbox download

Your download link seems to be dead atm. As for your model from what you’ve shown in your screenshots, it looks like the UV map broke.

Fixed the download link. How exactly would the UV map have broken from going from one game to another, without having been edited? And how would one go about fixing it?

I don’t know what software you used to rip the models, but some pieces of software have been known to break the UV map(s) for models in the past. For all I know, the program(s) you used could have broken the UV map upon exporting/extracting the model. As for fixing the UV map, that usually involves having to fix it manually in a 3D modelling program or find a different method of extraction.

I’ll take a look and see what I can do for the model’s UV map.

it’s plain upside down textures. an open gl thing? the basetexturetransform should be “center .5 .5 scale 1 -1 rotate 0 translate 0 0”. anyway… there. fixed it. it stand z-up now tho and i was generous enough to add a bottom, so you could throw it over. :wink:

This worked! Sorry, I was messing with the Translate X and Translate Y but I wasn’t touching the Scale. Thank you both for taking the time to reply and help :slight_smile: