Fixing my swep(s) (I have a few questions)

So after holding a long break from making my addons i forgot some things/ i have a few problems, that mabye some of you can help me with.

  1. I made a skin for the CSS MP5 but whenever people downloaded it, it also changed the skin on the MP5 if they had downloaded the CSS weapons pack. So my CSS skin(s) would change the skin on all other CSS weapon addons.
  2. Im using the “weapon_sim_base” for my weapons. Is there any way i can do so people dont have to download that weapon base from the workshop too?
  3. Some people said that they could’nt see the weapons bacause they did not own CSS. Can this be fixed or do they have to own CSS?
  1. Either hex the default MP5 model to use a new material path and change the model name/path, or don’t use a default model.
  2. Either include the base in your addon or don’t use the base. You can also add the base as a required component on your workshop page.
  3. They have to own CS:S, or you can include your own custom models in the addon. I believe Garry’s Mod already has fallbacks for CS:S weapons.

Including the base in my addon would that not be seen as setaling another guys addon? As im putting it into my own?

Ask the author

Never mind “Anyways you are free to use this as long as credit is there” (From his workshop)

Thanks for the help!