Fixing the "bald spot" on citizen facemaps?

Sup folks, I’ve been out of this for a while and I’m sure this has been asked and solved a thousand times (chiefly because I know I’ve solved it before), but can anyone refresh my memory as to how to fix the bald spot that sometimes appears on citizen reskin facemaps? It looks like it must be somehow related to LOD since it goes away as you get closer, but some of my citizen skins have this issue. You can see the problem I’m talking about in the image below, but the only skins of mine I can find that do not exhibit this behavior are only different in that the Clamp S and Clamp T flags are enabled in the VTF, and doing that to this skin creates the effect in the second half of the image below.

Can anyone give me a hand with this one?

What do the UVs look like?

That one I don’t know, I’ve always experienced this issue from time to time on the regular vanilla HL2 citizen, I’ve never touched the modeling end of it.

What model is that? Is it regular HL2 or an edit?

The reason I ask is that when decompiling the UVs sometimes get shifted off-center, which causes those lines when you use the Clamp flags.

**EDIT: ** You’re correct, applying the Clamp flags to that texture on the normal citizen model corrects the issue and doesn’t cause the lines. In that case I guess it’s bad UVs on the custom one originally pictured, so from here I’ll have to try to find and retexture the area it’s mistakenly placing at the top of the head. Thanks for the tip!

Either change the the clamp settings on the texture or move the UV back into the 0,1 segment. It’s usually better to actually move the UV since that’s fully under your control, which might not always be true or textures (for instance due to space constraints)

The UV thing is a decompiler bug.