Fixing the STALKER NPC's

There is a massive pack of models and ports form the STALKER games out there that you may have heard of.

There are many character models on here that are compatible with NPC’s, as they are rigged, but several are not properly rigged. These models, the rookie models (They are wearing hoodies and usually a facemask and/or goggles) aren’t rigged to work with weapons, and therefore cannot use them properly. I was just wondering if anyone could fix them.

You can get the pack here:

(If you’re wondering, I’m going to resume production of my long-forgotten STALKER Weapons Pack, and I would like some authentic NPC’s with the mod.)

so, does that mean you make player models and npcs?

No, I need someone to fix the anims on the models. Then I’ll probably just script them in as NPC’s using the citizen and combine defaults, rather then make an SNPC. (Still learning how to make SNPC’s)

And no, I cannot make playermodels. But from what I understand, some update fucked up the playermodel anims, so they don’t work with the models in this pack anyways.

DAMN. That sucks. :l sorry man.

You could just decompile them and throw in a citizen ragdoll as well as the citizen attachments into the QC and recompile.

It’s either missing the anim bones or the anim attachments.

Ah who’s a what’sit?

If I knew how to do any of that, I wouldn’t be making a request. I just don’t want to take the time learning modelling, I’m still stuck learning LUA. (though I think I’m getting the hang of LUA, and I can make some really good SWEP’s right now)

This isn’t really modelling. All you do is decompile the models that have the issue.
Decompile a citizen model.
Take it’s ragdoll and overwrite the one used by the stalker model.
Then you open the stalker and citizen QC and copy the $attachment segments over. Recompile and done.

You actually probably don’t have to do anything else but add those $attachment segments into the QC.

Let me clarify: I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!

Okay, yeah, I can spend my weekend learning this stuff, but I don’t want to. If I was going to do that, I WOULDN’T BE REQUESTING THIS!

I hope I don’t sound like a dick, I just want to be in charge of scripting. If you could recompile it, then it would be much appreciated. All the SWEP models seem to work fine BTW and I have the sounds. (I legally own the game)

Would if I had some time lately.

Well, if you ever get the time, it would be much appreciated.

Quick bump and an update:

I’ve nearly finished the first weapon, the AKs74u. It runs on Siminov’s Modern Weapons Base (A hevaily modified Mad Cows Base) and you ca switch firing modes, holster, disable firing when sprinting, and has proper recoil and reload sounds!

It will be up soon. I’m just going to work in the custom ammo. As a matter of fact, if someone could port the STALKER ammo, that would be very helpful.