Fixing WolfDJ 4.x

YAY! WolfDJ is finally being updated again!

Oh… wait.

Currently it doesn’t work. Now, knowing Banana Lord, he will eventually fix all this stuff.
In fact, most of these fixes will just be temporary fixes.

Now, remember, I will try to make this as simple as possible, but you will be modifying some code. These fixes shouldn’t mess anything up, but in the case of human error, I am not responsible if anything breaks. Just sayin.


Now. First things first, before we can do ANYTHING else, we have to fix the URL issue that some people are having:

Next, when we go to the processing songs page, we get some errors as well. This is due to some weirdness with variables. I don’t QUITE understand wolf’s code. He should document it more.

Anyways, I will be showing you what you unnecessary stuff can be removed. (This is just removing the obvious errors, this is NOT a fix. If anyone has a FIX, feel free to post it.)

*Note: Someone I was helping was having an issue with outdated getID3 code, but I’m not. Maybe he was using a different version of PHP, or maybe he was using an older version of WolfDJ. Whatever the reason, I did not get this error, and I’m not going to break his setup again, just to take some pics. If you are having issues with the deprecated method eregi() in getID3.php, then go here, ( download the latest version, (the green link at the top) and you will get a zip. In the zip, there is a folder called “getid3”. Now, open your favorite FTP client, and go here:
[WolfDJ dir]/lib/getid3/ and copy these files from the .zip to the getid3 folder on your webserver:



Well, I haven’t actually found any bugs in the game code yet. Got any? Let me know!

And that’s it for now!

There is a BIG HUGE GIGANTIC error in the web code, where the song you upload won’t show up on the Browse page, even after you verify them, but I haven’t quite figured that one out. Anyone know the solution?

Anyways, that’s for reading all of this, and I’ll try to get some fixes posted. Also, politely ask Banana Lord to help us out on this, and upload a patch to the SVN fixing these error. :stuck_out_tongue:


So in order to fix the error

Instead of commenting out the line 82, change it to:
echo ‘<td><input type=“text” style=“width:110px” name="Length[’ . $i . ‘]" value=""/></td>’;

Basically this is making the default value of the song… nothing… instead of having wolfdj try to automatically find it. So yes comment out line 76, but not line 82. It will still have an error when you go to the page, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t affect it at all. You can still see the tables, you can still upload ( and verify ) correctly, etc. Hope this helps!