Fizzadar's Lua Dump [Zombified World, PARP, Lazor Dinosawrs],2111.0.html


Very, very nice.

No ZW content pack available? :confused:

i got the data xD

Nope, I can’t find it xD

It was rusty’s zombies or something :confused: you can find model names in ents/zombie_base, but not material locations :frowning:

Fizzadar Theirs lots of errors

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘ScoreboardShow’ Failed: ZombifiedWorld/gamemode/client/menu_tab.lua:86: attempt to concatenate field ‘Points’ (a nil value)
ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘ScoreboardHide’ Failed: ZombifiedWorld/gamemode/client/menu_tab.lua:449: attempt to index global ‘ScoreBoardForm’ (a nil value)

Is that because of mysql not connect
i think thats y

Not my problem, I’m providing no support as I’m actually enjoying life away from all things GMod for 6 months.

um the gamemodes wont show up when i go to change gamemodes

I hope you have fun in Canada man!

Thats because you have 13 post.

ok i had to go into the files and copy/paste each and everyone it wont just copy and paste the whole thing at once… and now im stuck with the other guys errors as well now if only that one error wasnt there and i knew the zombie/vendor commands

ya its broken im trying 2 fix it

i added .ply 2 points and the scoreboard is drawing a defalut 1 and i see no errors but thats client side i dont know about server sided


It was fizzmin and mysql
yay now i got it working

mind uploading it for me im not so great at lua or anything lua related lol

i dident do anything 2 the code lol.


Server is up and working!
All i need is the sounds/models
Then it will go public!

how did you fix it then please tell me i wont be making a public server im just gonna host it for me and my friends about 10 of us thats all

It’s a shame to see someone such as you leave Gmod behind, however after hearing what actually happened I can’t say I blame you.

God speed.

He’s not going to help you with this code. If you can’t fix your own errors then give up now.

i was talking to droid not fizzadar droid has it fixed if i was talking to fizz i could ask him over steam

Is there anyone who could upload the zombifiedworld content pack?


Did I miss something?

What happened? :monocle: