FJ 40 rock crawler

This is my first post and my newest vehicle. It is a Toyota FJ 40 rockcrawler.

Btw it drove to all of these locations, even up the walls and the ledge.
It is powered by applyangforce and rpm limited to 50 rpm.

Im looking for helpful suggestions, tips, comments, criticism, basically whatever.

Btw if anyone knows of a stickier material than jeeptire, I want to know it.

sooo… wheres the picture?


Thats one of the vehicles on my to do list. Can we see a video?

i just edited with pics

Looks too boxy and shiny. Other than that, some good flexin’ you got there. I’d like to see a video.

Looks boxy and bad material but it could be alot worse. Not bad but I would say work on the blockyness. But good job on actually making the tiles line up and not stick out lol


way too simple bodywork

Very well done. Don’t mind the people here. They’re used to 200+ prop parented super detailed OMGWTFBBQ mega machines. But yeah nice crawler. I like how simple it is. Reminds you that Gmod is a game. A NON serious one.(not many people remember this)

^LOL says the guy thats been here 6 months and hasn’t posted any contraptions but thinks hes better than everyone else

rock crawler = cuntraptions forum flavor of the week

all those comments were constructive criticism, not flaming.

Who said I thought I was better than anyone else? looks around Nobody? That’s what I thought.

You pretty obviously stated that anyone who gave any sort of criticism was so lost in the standards of the contraptions forum that they were blind to subtle quality.

And clearly, you aren’t.

So who here actually flamed this contraption instead of giving it compliments and/or constructive criticism? looks around Nobody? That’s what I thought.


As for the contraption, it’s okay. A video would be nice and the wheels don’t really match the type of vehicle. It’s very blocky, and I recommend you stray away from using PHX so much on your next build.

I expected that the bodywork is crap but its 60 pcs all parented so it was getting kind of big I thought(me being a lag-hater) and my first modeling experience EVER. The FJ40 s were really boxy. O and ill work on a vid.\

Hmmm, looks like i forgot some stuff(modeled from memory).

Well this is only revision 3 so ill work on it some more.


if anyone knows better wheels that look like those^^^^^^ plz give me a link.


Video is recording to an avi… then editing then uploading…


movie is taking forever…


o if u press esc it records 50000000 times faster for me… idk…


well this stinks, when i pressed esc it quit recording… dang


well, almost done with vid


hmmm.since its going on youtube i can get away with recording at 640 by 480… that should speed it up


my comp hates source recorder, takin 10 min to record a 30 sec clip AT 640 BY 480 REZOLUTION. Comp specs: 2.6 ghz quad, 8gb ram… idk wats the prob…


maybye ill do fraps next time.


slow motion shows u a lot of useful suspension tips…

Lol edits. I hope to see the movie soon

It’s quite huge… need a video to judge the tech.

And that’s a lot of edits :v:

ya sorry about the edits uploadin movie now


what things (like

go i need for videos?

[media] youtube url here [./media]


still uploading…


well youtube failed… ill upload it somehow…


Well Finally here it is. The video is here!!!